Your Key to Easy Remittance Processing

Do you receive payments via U.S. mail? Are you spending time posting payments and preparing deposits? If you have a lockbox solution, is it going to a local PO Box?

Our local lockbox solution helps you run your business more efficiently by cutting down on employee time, eliminating inefficient tasks and speeding up funds availability. Wholesale Lockbox is a convenient, cost-effective payment collection system that helps streamline your workflow by outsourcing your receivables processing to a trusted partner.

PyraMax Bank’s Lockbox system offers same-day processing and next-day availability, which means your money goes to work faster and improves cashflow.

Payments are picked up by trained bank staff or a bonded courier, eliminating the need for an employee to go to the post office to pick up payments. Our expert staff creates the deposit and posts it to your account, using an image-based lockbox system, as opposed to a traditional, manual accounts-receivable method. Our trained, local personnel practice a double verification balancing process to ensure accuracy, and we monitor efficiency and quality by continually reviewing processing benchmarks.

Local Lockbox Features

  • Quality control
  • Same-day processing
  • Immediate access to data
  • Reduces potential of theft, fraud and error
  • Payments are picked up by a trusted employee or bonded courier
  • No need to post payments or prepare deposits
  • Allows reallocation or elimination of time for your own staff to process
  • Transmission for automatic A/R posting
  • Securely view images and reports online same day

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