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PyraMax Bank mortgage lenders can help you determine what you can afford, provide a breakdown of potential costs, and may provide a Pre-Approval Letter to assist you  with the purchase of your next home. We will also help you choose from our variety of mortgages to fit your unique financial situation. We are a local community bank that offers one-on-one service, quick turnaround time and complete client satisfaction!

Darlene Emmer
Darlene Emmer Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID 400583
About Darlene Darlene has been helping customers fulfill their dreams of homeownership for the past 30 years. Customers and realtors respect her for her attention to detail and follow-up throughout the mortgage transaction. Customers have always given her high marks for customer service. For 10 consecutive years, customers and realtors have nominated and awarded Darlene as a Five Star Mortgage Professional Best in Customer Service as well as continually referring her to their family and friends. Whether you are buying, building or refinancing, come experience the PyraMax Bank difference! Darlene enjoys working for a strong financial institution. PyraMax Bank provides her with a wide variety of loan programs to meet each customer’s individual financial needs and goals. Connect with her to go over options — together you will tailor a mortgage solution that is right for you.
Randy Reese
Randy Reese Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID 423392
About Randy Randy is a mortgage lender who understands the real estate transaction. With more than 30 years of originating mortgage loans, Randy understands what it takes to solve problems and close loans. This special insight helps him to care for his customers by giving their loans all the attention and expertise they need. Randy would be happy to meet you at any of our convenient branch locations. PyraMax Bank offers a full range of mortgage products at extremely competitive rates and has the ability to structure loans in a number of ways. Most of our loans are underwritten and serviced locally by PyraMax Bank. Past clients often appreciate the ease and transparency of dealing with a local bank rather than a larger or out of state lender.
Tom Schlicht
Tom Schlicht Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID 447099
About Tom For more than 20 years in the mortgage industry, customer service has been the key to Tom\\\'s success. Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your existing mortgage, Tom will take the time to educate you and help design a mortgage that fits your needs. You need to feel confident about your mortgage decisions! Tom, who understands, will make the mortgage process both enjoyable and rewarding. Call for an appointment today.
Tony Trahan
Tony Trahan Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID 1922454
About Tony Tony is our Senior Loan Officer located at PyraMax Bank in Waukesha. Tony was born and raised in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from UW-La Crosse; he has been in the lending industry for the past five years. In his spare time, he enjoys cheering on the Milwaukee Bucks, woodworking, building furniture, house remodeling projects and working on cars. Tony currently lives in Pewaukee with his wife and their adorable dog, Willow. He currently holds a director position with the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association in the Milwaukee Chapter and was nominated in 2023 as a finalist for the Wisconsin Best in Business awards as a Rising Star. His favorite part of his job is building lifelong relationships with his clients that go past the closing table and being able to help make his client's dreams of homeownership a reality. If you aren’t sure where to start with the home-buying process or are interested in refinancing, he’s here to answer any questions you may have and ensure you receive the best loan product for your scenario. Contact Tony at 262.720.2941
Gary White
Gary White Senior Loan Officer and Community Development Manager NMLS ID 447104
About Gary Gary White has worked in banking for 40 years. As Community Development Manager, he oversees the bank’s relationships with its nonprofit and governmental housing partners and manages affordable lending for the bank. His work has focused on City of Milwaukee housing stock. In conjunction with the bank’s chief credit officer, he developed a portfolio loan product to be used for purchase rehab transactions for city-owned foreclosures and central city Harambee neighborhood homes. As a City of Milwaukee resident since his college days at Marquette University, he is one of the city’s most fervent backers. Gary is a member of Take Root Milwaukee, having served as a committee chair and steering committee member. He has been a member of the Milwaukee Housing Trust Fund coalition as well as a member of the Lender Advisory Board at WHEDA, the state housing finance agency. He is active in the Community Lenders Roundtable, a group of Milwaukee-area CRA professionals. He was a Phi Beta Kappa scholar at Marquette University, where he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree. In 2017 Gary received the State of Wisconsin Individual Fair Housing award from the Wisconsin Fair Housing Coalition and has been recognized by Take Root Milwaukee for his years of service on both the Steering and Oversight Committees.
Loans Available Description  
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loan (ARMs)

ARMs are normally available at lower initial rates with the potential for rate and payment adjustments at varied term intervals. Future market conditions can influence rate changes; however, built-in rate caps and margins provide a measure of security and limited increases over the life of the loan. Private mortgage insurance may be required depending on the down payment percentage.


Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans

Fixed-rate mortgages offer the security of a fixed principal and interest payment with various terms. Fixed-rate mortgages are issued under guidelines of Fannie Mae – FNMA or Freddie Mac – FHLMC. Private mortgage insurance may be required depending on the down payment percentage.  
WHEDA Loans For those who qualify, WHEDA loans offer low interest rates and a low minimum down payment requirement. Ask about current updates on rates, down payments and other qualifications.  
Construction Loans Our construction loans allow you to draw funds as you build, paying interest only on the current balance. In addition, we offer the ability to lock in a long-term fixed rate when you start to build with a fixed-rate loan or various term ARMs.  
Jumbo Loans Available for both fixed- and adjustable-rate programs. A Jumbo loan is defined as a loan greater than $726,200.00.  
VA Loans Guaranteed by the Veterans Administration (VA) for a fixed term, VA loans allow financing for qualified veterans. VA loans require a funding fee, which can be paid in cash or financed in the loan amount.  
FHA Loans FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) , an agency of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The FHA offers fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgage loan options. FHA loans are a good option when a minimal down payment is applicable. Borrowers are required to pay for mortgage insurance, which can be financed into the FHA mortgage loan.  


Mortgage Calculator

Mortgages FAQ

How much can I afford?

The best way to find out how much home you can afford is to see one of our mortgage lenders for a free pre-approval. Our mortgage lenders will help you with financing options and the amount of money for your home loan.

You can also use our mortgage calculator above to find an estimate.

What will I need for a down payment and closing costs?

PyraMax Bank offers programs for various percentages of the home’s value for a minimum down payment. There are programs that you may qualify for that require a low-percentage down payment. We’ll be happy to let you know if you qualify!

You will also need cash to pay closing costs and loan fees. This usually amounts to 1% or less of the amount you will be financing. The closing costs and loan fees cover the application fee for a credit report and property appraisal, a closing or originators fee to cover costs (sometimes known as “points”), legal fees, recording fees and title insurance to help make sure your home purchase is legally correct. There are other fees for inspections and surveys. The initial homeowners insurance premium will also be included. You should have two months’ worth of mortgage payments on hand to cover any unexpected expenses.

What is the last day a mortgage payment can be made to avoid late fee?

The deadline is the 16th of every month. After that, a late fee will be added.