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All you need is a computer and Internet access to take advantage of our Online Banking service. Check your balances, view your estatements, review checks that have cleared, pay your bills, transfer funds between accounts and more!

How to Enroll in Online Banking

  1. Click on “Online Banking” in the top-right corner of this page.
  2. Click “Enroll Online.”
  3. Choose whether you want to enroll a personal or a business account.
  4. You will be required to agree to the terms and condition of using PyraMax Bank Online Banking.
  5. Enter your personal information, including your account number, and click “Continue.”

If you are locked out of the account, you have the ability to reset your password. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please call your local branch during business hours, and our staff will unlock access to the account and assist you in resetting your password.

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Online Banking FAQ

Is Online Banking really safe to use?

Yes. PyraMax Bank treats client security as a priority and uses only secure banking technology. We put your account privacy and safety first.

Why do I have to change my password?

In the interest of protecting your online account information, we require Online Banking and Mobile Banking passwords to be changed every three years.

How can I reset my Online Banking password if I am locked out?

As long as you are entering the correct username, you will have the option to reset your online banking password. If you don’t remember your user ID or you have been completely locked out of Online Banking, please contact your local bank branch for assistance.

Can I receive online-only statements?

Yes. Log into your Online Banking account and do the following:

  1. Go to the “Customer Service” tab at the top of the page.
  2. Under “Account Maintenance,”, click “Change Statement Delivery Method.”
  3. Set your delivery method to “Online,” and you will no longer receive physical statements in the mail.


Online transfers are a convenient way to move money to or from your accounts at other financial institutions. No checks, cash deposits or branch visits required!

TransferNow is available for both Online Banking and Mobile Banking!

TransferNow FAQ

What is TransferNow?

TransferNow allows you to quickly transfer money between your account at PyraMax Bank and accounts you hold at other financial institutions. This quick and convenient option can save you time and money. You no longer need to go to the branch to obtain a cashier’s check or to establish an outgoing wire transfer.

Is there a fee?

Yes. Fees may apply based upon the transaction type.

What types of accounts can I transfer to?

Log in to your PyraMax Bank Online Banking or Mobile Banking account and navigate to “Transfer Funds” and then select “Transfer To Or From An Account Outside PyraMax Bank.” When you initiate a transfer, you will see what types of accounts are eligible.

How soon do I have access to the transferred money?

You have access to the money in 2 to 3 business days.

How do I access TransferNow?

TransferNow is located on the “Transfer Funds Screen” in Online Banking. Simply select “Transfer To Or From An Account Outside PyraMax Bank.” TransferNow is now available in Mobile Banking as well.

Log in to your Online Banking account to schedule a transfer.