Simply scan your palm to verify your identity when you visit any of our branches. Our Palm Scanner provides a high level of security because each person's palm pattern is unique & stable over their lifetime.

How Palm Scan Works

Palm Scanning reads the complex vein patterns to identify and authenticate consumers. Their account information is instantly delivered to the teller screen and allows the transaction to begin. 

With the expanding use of biometrics, most consumers are comfortable with the identification method and palm vein scanning is highly reliable. Palm scanning feels natural and creates a more personal branch experience while allowing tellers to spend more time interacting with accountholders.

Superior Security 

Palm vein patterns are stable throughout life and unaffected by external factors such as glasses, contact lenses, cuts, and abrasions, dry skin or lotions. This makes forgery virtually impossible. Palm vein patterns are complex with greater than five million points - providing superior accuracy. Consumer acceptance is high since palm authentication is hygienic, intuitive, and easy.