Save Your Stamps

Bill Pay provides convenience to pay all your bills from a central location. You don’t have to log into several websites and remember multiple passwords. You can pre-schedule payments on their due date or another day of your choosing. After scheduling a payment, those companies will be paid either electronically or by sending them a paper check.

Bill Pay is Secure

Bill Pay can be much safer than paying by check and can assist in reducing the risk of identity theft. Paying your bills online can be more secure than sending your personal information through the mail. Through the Bill Pay system, billers are not provided your account information.

Bill Pay is Eco-friendly

A large benefit of paying bills online is cutting down on paper waste. Bill Pay will reduce paper checks being mailed and also eliminates the costs of postage and envelopes.

Bill Pay Saves you Time

It takes just minutes to pay your bills. When you use the automatic bill pay feature, you’ll save even more time.