Bypass the Branch

At PyraMax Bank, we provide expertise that makes it easier and more efficient for you to do business — without making another stop at the bank.

Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture

  • Save time and money by depositing checks in your own office.
  • Scanned checks automatically populate the amount and check fields, reducing manual errors.
  • Assign dedicated users to perform various roles.
  • Use dual-control approval to reduce the risk of error and fraud.
  • Access your funds the next day for checks deposited before cutoff time for improved cashflow.
  • With virtual endorsement, simply run checks through the scanning machine, and the endorsement is digitally imprinted on the image of the check.
  • Choose the scanner that best suits your business’s needs.

Remote Deposit Capture Scanner Options

Remote Deposit Capture uses a scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. You can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to PyraMax Bank anytime.

The following two scanners offered by PyraMax Bank utilize high-quality, dual-sided image capture, document franking, advanced reading technologies and more.

Single-Feed Option

This award-winning scanner is designed to serve the lower-volume user. It is the only bank-quality check scanner offered at a small business price.

  • Fast cycle time
  • Low maintenance and durable
  • Fast and quiet scanning
  • Exceptional image quality
  • For depositing fewer than 200 checks per month
  • Monthly maintenance fees apply

Multi-Feed Option

With proven reliability performance, this industry-leading multiple-feed scanner is designed to serve the high-volume business user. Scan up to 150 documents per minute.

  • Low maintenance
  • Engineered for durability
  • Exceptional image quality
  • For depositing more than 200 checks per month
  • Monthly maintenance fees apply

Business Mobile Capture

Through our Business Mobile App platform, Business Mobile Capture can turn your smartphone into a deposit-making device. The depositor simply uses the phone’s camera to snap a picture of the front and back of a check, then submits the images electronically to PyraMax Bank. This enables you to deposit checks remotely on your mobile device at your convenience, reducing the risk of loss and trips to the bank while improving cash flow.

Once PyraMax receives the check image, it is ready to be processed, cleared, settled and posted. The image quality assurance features ensure that check images are acceptable. If a mobile deposit is rejected, the user is notified swiftly and given the reason for the rejection.

Business Mobile Capture is most effectively used when check volume is low and total dollar amount is approximately under $10,000. Other solutions, such as Remote Deposit Capture (discussed above) can add the same convenience and value for higher-volume, higher-dollar processes. These solutions can also complement each other for the ultimate remote capture experience.

Benefits of Business Mobile Capture

  • Convenience — Business customers with smartphones can make mobile deposits anywhere, anytime and get faster funds availability.
  • Quick Confirmation of Valid Deposits — You’ll be notified immediately of valid deposits, while poor images and duplicate deposit attempts are quickly rejected.
  • Integrated into Mobile Banking App — This solution can be used directly in the business mobile app for a seamless experience.