Overdraft Protection

Link your PyraMax Bank savings account or money market account to your checking account to cover you when you would otherwise get overdrawn. If your checking account doesn’t have a sufficient available balance to process any transaction, we will transfer available funds from your designated account to cover the item(s).

Our Overdraft Protection Service has no maintenance fee and costs only $10 per transfer per occurrence. This is a great way to avoid an overdraft fee as well as other fees associated with bouncing a check. Overdraft protection is available on all checking accounts*.

Clients who have home equity line of credit loans (HELOCs) can link their line of credit to their checking account. In the event your checking account would not have a sufficient available balance to process a transaction, we will transfer available funds from your HELOC to cover the item(s). Please be aware that interest charges on your HELOC may be assessed.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit; it is a discretionary overdraft service that can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Overdraft Privilege allows you to overdraw your account up to the disclosed limit for a fee in order to pay a transaction.

PyraMax Bank will charge you a fee of $35 each time you pay an overdraft created by checks, ACH, point of sale, ATM withdrawals, in-person withdrawals or by other electronic means.

If you have any questions about Overdraft Protection or Overdraft Privilege, please submit your questions to support@pyramaxbank.com or contact your local bank branch.

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Authorize or Decline Overdraft Privilege Extended Coverage