In the competitive commercial banking market of Milwaukee, business owners have what seems like an endless number of options when choosing their bank. Loan and deposit products, customer service, and interest rates will all factor into your decision on who to trust with your well-earned money. The most important factor in your decision may be choosing a community bank. Our team at PyraMax Bank believes our local decision making, customer service, and market expertise make the community bank experience unmatched compared to our large national competitors in the area.

Are you borrowing money to grow your business? PyraMax will make your transaction much easier due to our local expertise on the Milwaukee market. All our decisions are made in southeastern Wisconsin and not by someone out of state like you may find with larger competitors. Our bankers here at PyraMax are out in your local community every day listening to local business owners and calculating out a tailored plan to help them accomplish their goals.

We recently had an existing deposit customer looking to refinance a personal investment property located here in the Milwaukee area. I was put in contact with this customer immediately thanks to the help of our responsive branch staff. Through the rapid and local decision-making process done by our commercial team, I was able provide an answer to our customer within 24 hours. The loan was underwritten, approved, and closed on one month after my initial discussion with the customer. Our team believes this is the perfect example of the community banking experience done correctly at PyraMax Bank.

We understand business owners and consumers have many choices when choosing a bank that best fits their needs. We believe the local decision making, customer service, and local expertise make PyraMax Bank the ideal choice for our community members and local business owners. Our customers are our partners and we believe in growing lasting relationships with them. Being located right here in this community allows us to be able to get to know your individual business’s needs and goals. We look forward to seeing you at your nearest PyraMax Bank branch soon!

By Matt Zeske

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